An Intimate evening with Amazigh Kateb (Afro-reggae, gnawa)

We’re pleased and honored to host one of the most prolific & talented singer songwriters from North Africa: Amazigh Kateb.
On Monday october 12th, join us for an intimate evening with the band, featuring dinner, music and jam.

Knowing that he fell on a stage when he was young, everything is getting clearer. Son of the Franco-Algerian novelist and playwright Kateb Yacine, Amazigh is born in Algiers the 16th September 1972. He was immersed in a poetic and musical universe but also in a culture of resistance and insubordination. He was used to the paternal theatre’s stages since the earliest age.
His name, Amazigh, means “the free man” in Berber language and indeed, he was inspired by one of his father’s quotation: “Always be against the government, and you will never go wrong!”. On the 27th of June 1992, he created the band GNAWA DIFFUSION at the musical springboard “Jeune Spectacle Vivant” headed by the young songwriter Amazigh. Playing Maghrebo-African instruments (Gumbri and Krakabs), the Gnawa trance (deported African slaves in the court of North African Kings), a Maghrebins gospel that becomes liberation after oppression, a sens of humor that targeted all the “screws” of the modern world, surprising rhythms fusing jazzy sonorities to reggae, passing by rap and ragga, Gnawa Diffusion’s universe is now well anchored.

During Gnawa Diffusion’s separation, Amazigh Kateb produced a solo album ”Marchez Noir”, which is an autobiographical work representing our current world. “This album is an obvious representation of love, revolution, laugh, dance, sweating and resistance. It is the outcome of a need to make a recap of 20 years of exile and grief, roads and stages, loneliness and collectivity.” Faithful to his origins and roots, Amazigh is still playing with the same poetic cadence, to the North African rhythms between tradition and modernity, combining gnawi, chaâbi and rai tones with other contemporary ones like hip hop, rock, reggae, ragga and electro.

Besides, Amazigh is also working on music compositions for theater purposes: “Les Borgnes ou le colonialisme intérieur brut” by Mustapha Benfodil and “Le poète comme un boxeur” by Kateb Yacine. Amazigh also leads multiple workshops (writing and composing workshops, singing workshops, writing and artistic expression workshops) within high schools but also in prison setting for example.

Since 2012, he is the leader of the band Gnawa Diffusion which is always on tour with their last album ”Shock El Hal”. In 2016, Amazigh will begin a new collaboration with Karim Ziad. The release of the album is planned for February.

这是AMAZIGH KATEB 从2012年起,他重新担任Gnawa Diffusion的主唱后,并携带自己的最新专辑“Shock El Hal”所参加的最新巡演。

当我们得知Amazigh Kateb出生在一座舞台上时,一切都不辩自明了。作为阿尔及利亚法语小说家和剧作家Kateb Yacine的儿子,Amazigh于1972年9月16日出生于阿尔及尔。他从小被诗歌和音乐包围,却浸淫在一种反抗、不屈的文化里。他还是小不点儿的时候就在爸爸的剧场里到处跑。

他的名字Amazigh,在伯伯尔语里是自由之人的意思,他一生的追求用父亲的一句话概括就是:“站在权力的对立面,我们永远不会错……”1992年6月27日,适逢“Jeune spectacle vivant”音乐节之际,Amazigh以Gnawa Diffusion乐队主唱的身份,完成了他在舞台上的受洗仪式。马克里布及非洲民族的传统乐器(guembri, karkab),先祖灵魂深处的恐惧(那些被贩运到北非王室的非洲奴隶),从痛苦转变为解放的马格里布福音,能刺痛全世界所有“变态”的幽默感,令人惊奇的旋律混合了从爵士到雷鬼的音效,再加上说唱和雷格:这就是Gnawa Diffusion独树一帜的音乐风格。

2009年发行第一张个人专辑《Marchez Noir》。在离开Gnawa Diffusion的日子里(2007-2012),Amazigh Kateb创作了个人专辑《Marchez Noir》,一部反映时代的自传性质的作品。“这张专辑是以示威的形式展示的失眠:它大声疾呼捍卫爱情,革命,欢笑,舞蹈,汗水和反抗。它表达了一种诉求,希望为20年来人类与艺术的流放与苦难,征程与舞台,孤独性与集体性做一个总结。”出于对自己民族和历史的忠诚,Amazigh 保留了北非当地的传统旋律(GNAWI, RAI, CHAABI),并将它们与当代音乐如如嘻哈、雷鬼、雷格和电子乐的曲调融合。

除此之外,Amazigh还为戏剧创作音乐,如Mustapha Benfodil的《Les Borgnes ou le colonialisme intérieur brut》和Kateb Yacine的《像拳手一样的诗人》。同时,他还在中学甚至是监狱里开设多种工作坊(写作与作曲,歌唱,写作与艺术表达等)。

2012年起,他重新担任Gnawa Diffusion的主唱,并携带自己的最新专辑“Shock El Hal”参加巡演。2016年,Amazigh将与Karim Ziad展开全新的合作。专辑预计将于2月份发行。

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