A Caravan Wine & Dine Event: Kanaan, The Rising Star of Ningxia

The First Kanaan Wine Dinner in the North

Caravan, in cooperation with Summergate and Kanaan wines is extremely please to to host Wang “Crazy” Fang on November 5th, 2015 for an absolutely marvelous 5 course wine and dine pairing event!

On the night, we will have the opportunity to sample 5 of Kanaan’s exquiste wines as we pair them with Badr’s Moroccan creations tweaked with some Ningxia flavors.

迦南美地(Kanaan Winery)荣获亚洲赛地区大奖(Decanter Asia Wine Awards,以下DAWA),成为中国酒在DAWA历史上的最好成绩!

迦南美地庄主王方(Crazy Fang)疯狂的人生决定!王方在德国安逸生活了12年,却于2011年毅然回到家乡宁夏,但条件的艰苦未能阻挡王方投身于萌芽期的中国精品葡萄酒产业的决心,勤耕慢作脚踏实地。据王方讲,迦南美地是从一个简陋的军用帐篷起家的。

迦南美地充满了王方对家乡的崇敬和对骏马的热爱。迦南美地的骏马酒标非常惹眼,周围人都知道王方对骏马有12分的偏爱, 酒庄的摆设无处不充斥着”马”元素;另一方面,贺兰山自古以来是守护宁夏人民安福的圣山,”贺兰”在古语中意为”骏马”。庄主王方正是用这个浪漫的方式向赐予她优秀葡萄果实的土地致敬!

Who is Crazy Fang – 王方是谁?

crazyfang kanaan wines

Wang Fang is a China-Born German businesswoman. Her journey of winemaking began with her passion and strong believes in the emerging Chinese fine wine market. In the footstep of her father – a revered viticulturist as well as one of the pioneers of Chinese wine, Wang Fang returned to China and founded Kanaan Winery(迦南美地) at the foothill of Helan Mountains in Ningxia despite the tough climate conditions. Nicknamed “Crazy Fang” for her original and adventurous spirit, she is now proud to show the world what truly great Chinese wine is all about.

王方,德籍华人,以Crazy Fang斐名中国葡萄酒业,酿酒大胆敢于打破成规。父亲是宁夏葡萄酒创始人之一,旅德十余载,因爱酒,欲懂酒,遂遵父召唤,归故土,依贺兰山东麓,建迦南美地酒庄(Kanaan Winery),汲取圣山日月精华,一心要酿誉满天下之美酒。

Kanaan Wine Dinner

What’s the Deal – 吃喝什么?

5 course wine & dine pairing

Kanaan Riesling
Caravan Bruschetta
(berber bread, homemade tapenade, shrimps, basil, goji)

Kanaan Wild Pony
(Moroccan lentil & Chick Pea Soup)

Kanaan Pretty Pony
(Moroccan Lamb and Beef Sausage)

Kanaan Black Beauty
Lamb Mechoui
(12 hours double roasted lamb shank with prunes and sesame)

Kanaan Semi-Sweet white
Xixia Flan
(Pistachio, goji and raisin)

How Much多少钱?

2015.11.5 @ 7:30 p.m.
350¥ presale
400¥ at the Door
20 Seats only

Wines Available for purchase on the day at retail price

rsvp & tickets
010 – 8563-0801

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