Unplugged Social Hour 不插电社交

Unplugged Social Hour 不插电社交
Starting Today从今天开始


We’re spending more of our day facing screens that anything else. Couples go out for dinner only to spend their time staring at a screen. People go to a a concert and look at it through a tiny screen taking videos and pictures. Life has become all about bits and bites. Enough!


At Caravan & Cuju, we want to encourage people to unplug and be social. Have a conversation, enjoy your food, smell the (sometimes) fresh air. So we’re launching our new initiative: The Social Hour


Every night, at Caravan and Cuju, between 6 and 7 pm, drop your phone off at the bar for an hour and enjoy 50% off your bill. Yes, it’s that simple!


The Rules规则:

– The Social Hour starts at 6 pm and finishes at 7pm
– The special discount only applies at that time and bills must be settled when the social hour ends to avoid confusion
– The Social Hour special only applies if everyone at a table participates.
– Participants cannot check their phone through the whole hour, no exceptions.
– The discount applies to all items on the menu
– We reserve the right to refuse the discount if we feel individuals abuse it.

So, join us, unplug and be social… it’s a win win!

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