Winter Lunch冬天中午饭:两道菜 78元 2 Course Lunch


听说2016年的冬天应该特别厉害.为了那么冷的天气驼队餐吧给你们出一个新的冬天中午套餐。每天11。30 -15。30。。。。 两道菜 78元。欢迎大家来试试

Winter is here and as far as we’re hearing, it’s gonna be a nasty one so we got a few new dishes for you on our new lunch menu to help you deal with the cold that’s already been unleashed!
4 starters and 5 mains combine to give you 20 different meal options for your weekday hunger! Come and get them!

The New Caravan Express Lunch
Everyday 每天 11。30 -15。30
两道菜 78元 2 Course Set Meal

To Start 开始

Harira Soup 摩洛哥哈利拉汤
Morocco’s iconic soup with lentils, chick peas and other veggies in a tomato base. 但多了更多香料,配上鹰嘴豆与扁豆使得饱腹感更强更香浓。特别适合斋月饥肠辘辘一天之后,在夜晚慰藉自己。

Vegetables a la Plancha 烤蔬菜
Slightly grilled vegetables over greens with light olive oil dressing.
健康开胃菜. 蔬菜轻轻地烤并淋上橄榄油

Berber Salad 柏柏尔沙拉
wild greens, diced tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, nuts. Old dijon vinaigrette
野菜,西红柿,橄榄,黄瓜,干果。 老dijon香醋

Mezze Selection 开胃盘
selection of small funky dishes to open your appetite: hummus, olives, tapenade

To Follow然后

Beef Stuffed Peppers 牛肉烤青椒
Roasted bell peppers stuffed with a mix of couscous, Beef and tomato sauce. 参考中式菜肴“青椒酿肉”的做法,在青椒内填入中东小米couscous,牛肉,特制的番茄酱。健康美味

Vegan Jambalaya 卡津(cajun)风味素食主义者饭
A Creole standard, stripped of meats and enriched with a sauce that stews for 6 hours and okra. 是一种用大米、秋葵烹制,并使用进口的摩洛哥调味品和香料调味的素食米饭。美国路易斯安那州克里奥尔食品,源自于西班牙大锅饭

Merguez Sandwich 摩洛哥香肠三明治
Homemade Beef & Lamb sausage, spiced to perfection.

Pasta Zaalook 茄子蔬菜面
The Sicilians have their caponata, we have our Zaalook. Crushed eggplants with herbs, lemon, cumin and tomatoes

Shakshuka 沙卡蔬卡
Paprika Tomatoes with Poached Eggs, wild herbs, olives over berber bread.

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