Have your negroni and eat your cake too!


We were too late to sign up for Negroni Week officially but we still want to celebrate. For the occasion, we’re unleashing our Barrel Aged Negroni. From June 1st to 7th, here is what we offer:

– Standard Negroni: RMB 35
Gin Vermouth and Campari.. A Classic never goes out of style.

– Featured Crazy Negroni: RMB 45 (changes daily)
Think Bourbon, Rye, Rume, Ningxia Red Liquor, Punt O Mes etc…

– Barrel Aged Negroni: RMB 60
This baby has been sitting in a french oak barrel for a few months already and will only be served this week before it goes back to hibernation.

As we were too late to sign up and #negroniweek is all about giving back, each person will get a complementary slice of Carrot Cake from the Bread Of Life Bakery supporting Chidren with Brittle Bone Disease.


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