Ramadan 2019 年斋月马上到 Caravan Iftar Buffet 摩洛哥开斋自助餐

The Holly month of Ramadan is about to begin, within days of May 5th or 6th, 2019 (1440 Hijra) depending on calendar. As we do every year at Caravan, we will be serving up a traditional Moroccan Iftar during the holly month of Ramadan. Every evening, we shall have the basic requirements to help you recover from a whole day of fasting with a buffet spread。



One of the questions we get a lot is:

“Can eveyone take part in the Iftar buffet for Ramadan or is it only for people fasting?”

The answer:

The buffet is open to everyone of all religions and denominations.

Iftar Menu摩洛哥开斋餐

Every Night每个晚上
Per Person 100元 每位

children under 12 60元 12岁以下小朋友们

(Note: The regular menu will be offered at a limited basis during iftar times)

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